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    LIKEN Technology: deepening the integration of manufacturing and the Internet

    LIKEN Technology: deepening the integration of manufacturing and the Internet

    Release date:2016-07-06 00:00 Source:http://www.spinteen.com Click:

    First, a clear positioning, is to clear the manufacturing industry is the mainstay of the national economy, is the main battlefield of the implementation of the "Internet plus" action. An Xiaopeng said that at the beginning of this year, the lead organization in drafting process a number of seminars held, every time will discuss "positioning and deepening integration with the Internet industry development", and "2025", "Chinese manufacturing Internet plus" action, finally put forward manufacturing industry is the main body, is the main battlefield. This is because the manufacturing industry is the key link, is the country of the country, the country's road, the basis of power. Especially after 2008, the global manufacturing industry is in the key nodes of the key nodes that are reshaping the development concept, adjusting the unbalanced structure and reconstructing the competitive advantage.

    From the perspective of the law of the development of the Internet, the Internet is spreading from the consumer segment to the manufacturing process. In the consumer link is more a kind of value delivery, and manufacturing is a value creation. At the core of the consumer is how to improve the efficiency of the transaction, and the core of the manufacturing process is how to improve the production efficiency. In the consumer segment, the need to consider how to balance the interests of all groups of groups, how to step on the brake, step on the accelerator, and in the manufacturing sector, the need to consider is the giant competition, how to step on the accelerator, brake. In the consumer segment, leading enterprises are Internet companies, and in the manufacturing sector, leading enterprises are manufacturing enterprises.

    Play the two major advantage is to play the Chinese manufacturing industry and the Internet big country two advantages. In 2010, China surpassed the United States as the world's largest manufacturing country, forming a complete industrial system and industrial facilities, and gave birth to a number of international competitiveness of the advantages of the industry and the backbone of enterprises. The United Nations announced more than 500 kinds of major industrial products, China has more than 220 kinds of production in the world's first. 2014 there are 56 manufacturing companies to enter the world's top 11, 500 construction machinery companies to enter the world's top 50, communications equipment manufacturers in the world's first camp.

    At present, China netizens reached 688 million, Internet penetration rate of 50.3%; 4G users exceeded 380 million, accounting for the global 4G total more than 40% users; e-commerce transaction volume of nearly 20 trillion yuan, to become the world's largest online retail market, the emergence of a number of billions, hundreds of billions of industry business platform; 12 Internet companies to enter the top 30 global market the ranks of Ali, Tencent, Baidu ranked in the top 10. How to make full use of the advantages of the manufacturing industry and the advantages of the Internet is the problem that we should consider.

    The formation of the three effects is the formation of the superposition effect, the polymerization effect, the multiplier effect. Is the superposition effect of the manufacturing industry and the Internet industry great advantages together, so that the Internet can into the research and development, manufacturing, logistics, production and management aspects of chemical reaction, nuclear fusion, multiplier effect, amplification, the birth of economic development, "Internet plus" do not add but do multiplication".

    An Xiaopeng pointed out that the current deepening of the manufacturing industry and the integration of the development of the Internet is facing several major problems. First, the lack of awareness. Manufacturing enterprises on the necessity, urgency, complexity and direction of the Internet transformation, lack of understanding of the path, the Internet companies in the manufacturing process of understanding, lack of technical ability.

    Two is the lack of platform support. The Internet's "double" platform in entrepreneurial innovation based on resource integration of convergence, leading technology products, organization management, management mechanism innovation potential is not brought into play. International giants have set up intelligent manufacturing industrial ecology in intelligent manufacturing data analysis platform has made a series of layout, but the pace is very fast, our manufacturing industry ecological big data platform in support of intelligent analysis of construction capacity is weak.

    Three is the application level is not high. Enterprise information is facing a "comprehensive integration" across the difficulties, in the stage of integration and upgrading of enterprises is only 14.6%. Four is the core technology is not strong. Including sensors, chips, controllers, design and development tools, simulation testing tools, manufacturing execution systems and other technologies and systems need to speed up the ability to upgrade, while the key standards also need to be improved. Five is the lack of security capabilities. At present, we are in industrial control, data, network protection ability is weak, lack of ability in monitoring, testing and verification. Six institutional mechanisms also need to be innovative. Integration of the manufacturing industry and the Internet brings new formats, new models, the need to make a breakthrough in the financial and Tax finance, state owned enterprises reform, scientific and technological innovation, personnel training and so on.

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