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    LIKEN Technology: the function of the automobile steering system

    LIKEN Technology: the function of the automobile steering system

    Release date:2016-08-08 00:00 Source:http://www.spinteen.com Click:

    How long the direction of oil change

    General car manufacturers do not strictly set the direction of oil replacement cycle. Most of the vehicle maintenance shop will refer to other sectors of the service enterprises, learn from each other. There are more standardized enterprise will require reference to large foreign automobile company car maintenance, and combined with the provisions of the reasonable factors of China's road conditions, air quality and use of personnel technical level etc.. In order to prevent the deterioration of the direction of the oil and lead to other consequences, it is recommended to change the direction of each 40000-50000 km or 2-3 years, the direction of oil.

    How to change the direction of oil

    If it is found that the direction of oil in the following scale, color thinning oil or oil become black, it means to change the direction of oil.

    1, change the direction of the oil, the first car under the name, with the pumping unit will be used to clean the old oil.

    2, the new direction of oil injection, and then turn the steering wheel, so that the new oil penetration, so that it can play a role in cleaning. In order to penetrate thoroughly, the owner had to turn around the direction of the best, and then, and then slightly around the direction of rotation. However, the expert reminds, back and forth to play the direction of the steering wheel is discharged to the old oil, but not for a long time to kill the steering wheel, otherwise it will lead to excessive oil pressure, the direction of oil will be emitted.

    3, the oiler again will turn to suck the oil, then pour into the new direction of oil, then again, turn the steering wheel.

    4, third times the direction of oil suction, the repeated operation is to ensure that the old oil is completely clean. Then inject new oil. Experts advise that any oil can not be mixed.

    5, the name of the car, you will hear a slight "Hula" sound, never mind, this is the oil in circulation, it will slowly recover silent. Experts advise, can not be a long time to empty the car, otherwise it will destroy the booster pump.

    The function of the automobile steering system is to control the direction of the vehicle according to the wishes of the driver. Automobile steering system is very important to the driving safety of the automobile. Power steering is to assist the driver to adjust the direction of the car, for the driver to reduce the intensity of the steering wheel, of course, the power steering system in the car driving safety, economy also played a role. The current configuration of the automobile power steering system can be divided into three categories: one is the mechanical hydraulic power steering system; an electronic hydraulic power steering system; another kind of electric power steering system. Different types of power steering system maintenance is also different.

    For mechanical and hydraulic, the usual check must pay more attention to the power steering direction of oil in oil can not lack, in addition, try not to shoot bending time is too long. At ordinary times, attention to whether it is very heavy, whether there is noise and other phenomena. If there is such a situation, please check the oil pump V type belt, internal pressure and other aspects of the problem. Electronic hydraulic type, usually also pay attention to the direction of the number of oil, when the warning light, a certain attention to check. For electric power system, although the structure is relatively simple, but it is not the naked eye can see through the maintenance; if the direction of heavy, butingshihuan problem, approach is to take measurements.

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